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Boise Rehab Treatment

The fresh, clean air and natural surrounding of Boise, Idaho make it the perfect place for men and women to enter into a productive addictive treatment program.   These alcohol and drug rehab centers are designed to help those who have taken a stand and made the brave commitment to get clean and sober.   To help prepare individuals and their families for what to expect at Boise rehab treatment, this site has some important information about rehabilitation and recovery.   We hope you find it valuable

Who Needs Rehab?


Men and women living in the Boise area work hard and strive to improve the lives of their families.  That does not mean, however, that they are not susceptible to substance abuse and addiction issues.   Rehab programs for drug addiction and alcoholism for Boise residents are designed to help those who cannot stop using these substances despite an understanding that they are causing great harm to their bodies, their relationships and their overall wellness.

What Gets Treated at Rehabilitation?


There are a number of different conditions currently being treated at rehab centers across the country.  These include:

  • Alcoholism. This is still one of the biggest problems in Boise and all of Idaho.   Alcoholism can ruin an individual’s life, and cause irreparable damage to the liver, heart and other major organs.
  • Vicodin Addiction. This prescription drug is currently one of the most commonly abused among the young and the elderly.  The opiate nature of the drug makes tolerance and addiction high risks.
  • OxyContin Addiction. One of the most notorious prescription painkillers, OxyContin is a powerful drug that can cause liver damage, addiction and overdose when abused.
  • Marijuana Addiction. While there is still debate about whether or not marijuana is technically an addictive drug, those who abuse it can see their careers, relationships and health damaged significantly.
  • Heroin Addiction. The rates for heroin addiction in the Northwest have always been higher than normal.   Addiction treatment programs help individuals break the cycle of heroin dependence before there is an opportunity to overdose or contract a serious disease as a result of sharing needles.

Where Can Boise Residents Find Rehab Treatment?


The majority of residential rehab programs across the nation are able to treat Boise addicts.  Outpatient rehab centers are usually conveniently located so the individual can travel from home to the treatment facility each day for counseling, detox, aftercare or other programs. Inpatient rehab centers are usually found in beautiful settings that foster feelings of calm and peace, ideal for supporting the recovery process.

Payment Options for Boise Residents


Many Boise addicts do not seek drug and alcohol addiction treatment simply because they are concerned about the cost of care.  This is a valid concern, as some residential rehab centers can cost thousands of dollars per month for treatment.   Insurance companies offer one solution, as more and more major carriers now cover all or some of the cost of treatment under their mental health plans.   Private financing is another option – as individuals are given a chance to get back on their feet financially as they pursue treatment.