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Boise Drug Treatment Programs

Boise Drug Treatment ProgramsTreatment facilities around the US offer various services that can help Boise addicts overcome their addiction and go on to lead healthy and drug-free lives. The addiction rate in Boise has increased by 20 percent in the past five years. Much of this increase has been seen in teens and children between the ages of 12 and 17. Age is not an important factor when seeking a rehab treatment center. The main goal of treatment for an addiction is beating the addiction and being able to live a life without it.

Common Drug Treatment Programs for Boise Residents

There are many different rehab options available for the treatment of a drug addiction. However, there are three that are the most common: inpatient drug rehabilitation, outpatient programs and drug detox programs. An inpatient program will offer medical detox as well as extensive therapy programs to address the various aspects of the addiction. Outpatient services will offer therapeutic treatment for the psychological addiction to the drug, but there will be no detox program. A detox-only program will offer treatment for the physical addiction to the drug. The addict will go through withdrawal symptoms that will be managed while in detox.

Not every treatment program will work in the same manner for addicts. Each person may require slightly different services depending on the drug to which they are addicted and how severe the addiction has become. These treatment programs can help addicts beat their addiction and lead drug- and alcohol-free lives.

Drug Treatment Costs for Boise Residents

When considering a residential drug rehab program, the cost of the program will be a concern. For Boise addicts who are financially struggling, there are some options available that will allow them to get the treatment they need. If the addict has health insurance, this will be beneficial. More than 80 percent of addicts in treatment will use health insurance to cover the costs of treatment. There are also free clinics that can provide counseling and therapy at no charge.

Low-income addicts have other options available when they are seeking treatment. Many treatment centers across the US will offer sliding-scale programs. This will allow the addict to receive treatment at a cost that is based on their income. There are also treatment centers that offer payment plans, making it easier for Boise families to afford the cost of the treatment.

Why Drug Treatment Works for Boise Addicts

The drug treatment programs that are available are based on a three-step model. This model has been effective in more than 90 percent of all addiction cases. The steps include detox, therapy and counseling, and aftercare. When all three of these steps are incorporated into a treatment plan, the success rates are around 80 percent.

Studies have shown that the longer an addict stays in a recovery program, the longer they will be successful after treatment. Unfortunately, there is always the chance of relapse, but addicts who receive services at high-quality treatment centers have had a 75-percent success rate in overcoming the addiction and not relapsing.