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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

There are many reasons why people will form a drug and alcohol addiction. When this happens, it is important for these people to seek the rehab treatment they need to overcome their addiction. With more than three million people battling addictions in the United States, the need for treatment is at an all-time high. Many people will use drugs to escape reality, trying to avoid dealing with stressful situations that may occur. For anyone who is trying to break free from their addiction, drug and alcohol rehab is the best option.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment: 3 Steps

There are three main steps associated with overcoming an addiction. At inpatient rehab centers, addicts will use these three steps to successfully beat their addiction and go on to live drug-free lives. The steps include detox, addiction-focused therapy and counseling, and aftercare.

Detox is the most important step in any treatment program. This is when the toxins are removed from the body and the addict overcomes the physical addiction to the substance. During drug detox, addicts will experience withdrawal symptoms related to the drug. Each addiction will have different withdrawal symptoms that will be addressed at the rehab facility.

After detox is completed, addicts will receive intensive therapy and counseling at an inpatient center. This will help them to understand why they formed their addiction and teach them new coping skills to avoid relapse. It is important for recovering addicts to be able to identify triggers that may cause a relapse.

The final step and last drug rehab type is aftercare. More than 90 percent of addicts who go to an inpatient facility will continue to receive counseling and support, even after they have overcome their addiction.

Why Inpatient Rehab Is Successful

Inpatient rehab centers have a high success rate with oftentimes more than 80 percent of addicts being able to overcome their addiction. With an inpatient rehab program, the environment is controlled so the addict can focus on recovery. There are no temptations or pressures from the outside world. By being away from addictive substances, addicts have the opportunity to learn how to live life without these temptations. This also reduces the chances of relapse by more than 75 percent.

How to Find an Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center

Finding an inpatient treatment can be as easy. More than 60 percent of addicts will find a treatment center from a physician’s referral. We are also here to help you.  Simply call our toll-free number and we can point you toward a high-quality treatment center.