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Long-Term Rehab

Long-Term Rehab

Drug addiction is one of the largest problems in the United States. Due to the high numbers of addiction, there are thousands of drug rehab centers available to help people overcome their addictions. By going to a residential drug rehab center, addicts will be able to go through drug detox and receive therapeutic services to help them beat their addiction.

The Benefits of Long-Term Rehab

Long-term rehab has many benefits for an addict. More than 70 percent of recovering drug addicts are receiving treatment in a residential facility. Long-term rehab boasts the highest success rates of all drug treatment options. More than 90 percent of addicts will complete the program with success. By going to a residential center, temptations are removed, allowing the individual to focus on recovery. They will reside at the treatment center until their addiction has been overcome. Addicts will receive round-the-clock care, physically and psychologically while at a residential program.

The Costs of Long-Term Rehab

In comparison to living a life with an addiction and its long-term health effects, the cost of a residential treatment center is inexpensive. For those who have health insurance, the policy may allow for 30 days of rehab in a residential setting. There are also other financial options that are available from each individual facility. More than 70 percent of centers will offer payment plans, making it affordable for people to receive the treatment they need for their addiction.

Why Choose Long-Term Rehab?

Long-term rehab has the highest success rates, at more than 35 percent above other forms of treatment. Addicts will receive complete care while at a residential program. There will be detox, therapy, counseling and aftercare services provided. A long-term rehab program increases the chances of successfully beating an addiction by 75 percent.

Choosing a Long-Term Rehab Center

Making the choice between long-term rehab treatment centers will take a little time since there are so many to choose from. There are different types of centers available, ranging from those with basic services to those with luxury accommodations. Regardless of the type of center, either private or public, addicts will receive many benefits. With an 80-percent success rate of overcoming addiction with no relapse, long-term rehab is the best option for anyone trying to turn their life around.