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Residential Drug Rehabiliation

Residential Drug Rehabiliation

Over the past 10 years, there has been a 60-percent increase in the number of people in the United States with a drug addiction. There is also a greater need for drug rehab services. It is believed that more than three million Americans are currently using and abusing drugs. While the cost of drug rehab may be high, it is much lower than the costs that are associated with the long-term effects on the health of addicts if they do not receive proper treatment. Residential treatment programs have success rates that are as high as 75 percent.

What to Expect at a Residential Drug Rehabilitation Center

In a rehab center, addicts will receive services that will help to treat their physical and psychological addiction. These rehab centers are healthy and safe settings that allow the addicts to focus solely on their recovery. While in inpatient drug treatment, addicts will receive ongoing treatment and services, attending group therapy, individual therapy and other forms of treatment. No addict is shunned while in rehab. It is a supportive environment where everyone has the same goals.

Drug Rehab Success Rates

Drug rehab facilities have high success rates. More than 70 percent of all addicts will complete the detox process, overcoming their physical addiction to the drug. Ninety percent of those individuals will go on to complete the program without relapse. With many aftercare programs available, addicts can receive support and counseling long after they have finished the program. Success rates will largely depend on the motivation of the individual and their history with drug abuse.

Residential Drug Rehabilitation Costs

The cost that is associated with rehab will vary depending on the amount of services the facility offers. Residential rehab will require the addict to reside at the facility for at least 30 days, with more than 60 percent of addicts staying longer than two months. The costs of rehab will cover the therapy received, any medications used during treatment, and room and board. Since there are different drug rehab types, ranging from basic to luxury, the costs will vary depending on the amenities and location. Many health insurance policies will cover the first 30 days in a rehab. For those who do not have insurance, rehab centers offer various financial options to make treatment available and affordable to those with low income levels.

Finding Residential Drug Rehab Centers

It is not difficult to find a rehab center. Oftentimes, seeking treatment outside one’s home area is the best option as it removes the addict from the toxic environment that fostered their addiction. There are many facilities that work in conjunction with doctors in the Boise area. Contact us today for information on a qualified treatment program that will offer the benefits and services needed to overcome your addiction.