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Sober Living Homes

Sober Living Homes

After an addict has completed any of the different rehab types, they will have the option of going into a sober living home. This will place the individual in a drug- and alcohol-free environment that is staffed by professionals. Addicts will continue to learn how to live life without drugs and alcohol. Sober living homes have made a difference in the lives of many addicts with the majority avoiding relapse. Sober living homes give addicts some freedom as they adjust to a new life without an addiction.

What to Expect at a Sober Living Home

More than 80 percent of all sober living homes will follow the ideologies of a 12-step program for recovery. The homes use a belief and honor system that all residents will use on a daily basis. The goal of sober living is to prepare the recovered addict for reentering society without running the risk of relapsing. Sober living homes are very structured and provide support groups of peers who are also recovering.

Daily Life in a Sober Living Home

Sober living homes are a beneficial way for addicts to adjust to their new life as a recovered addict. Each person will be required to attend group therapy sessions as well as individual therapy while they are living in the home. Once individuals are ready to leave the sober living home, they will often be required to attend 12-step meetings in the community.

Residents will be encouraged to find employment while in sober living. They will also have support in locating an apartment for when they get out of sober living. Sober living homes provide a new start and teach individuals how to cope with stress they may face when they go back to living independently.

Residential Rehab Centers Versus Sober Living Homes

DePaul University recently conducted a study that showed people who went to sober living homes after a drug rehab program are far more likely to avoid relapse. In fact, 85 percent of all sober living residents will not relapse. Sober living homes are an effective aftercare option for addicts who are not ready to reenter society. In addition to continued support and group therapy sessions, residents in sober living will learn new life skills that will help them succeed when they leave sober living.

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