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Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In the United States, statistics reveal that more than 45 percent of teens have experimented with illegal drugs. Based on information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 75 percent of teens who have used drugs have done so before they reached the age of 12. Teens account for more than 30 percent of the population who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. By getting teens into a drug rehab program to help them battle their addiction, there is a great chance they will overcome the addiction and go on to lead healthy lives.

The Dangers of Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Teens who are addicted to drugs and alcohol run high risks of serious health issues. More than 40 percent of teen addicts will overdose and 20 percent of them will die as a result. Treatment for addiction is available and  successful in more than 80 percent of teens who seek help for their addiction.

Drug addictions pose serious health threats. When teens continue to abuse drugs, they will also continue to damage their body, especially their brain, heart and liver. Breaking free of the addiction will reduce the long-term effects that are caused by an addiction. Drug and alcohol rehab is successful in helping teens beat their addiction and regain their health.

Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options

When seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, there are some options available. Teens may enter an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Each of these will offer many benefits, including detox, individual therapy, group therapy and family counseling. The type of rehab chosen should depend on the severity of the addiction, past drug use and what drug the teen is addicted to at the time treatment is sought.

Teen Drug Alcohol Rehab: An Important First Step

The first step to recovering from an addiction is admitting and realizing there is a problem. Once this step is taken, teens can enter a treatment program. It is also important for parents to be involved in the treatment. A supportive family structure can make the difference between successful recovery and relapse.

Since there has been a 30-percent increase in teen addictions in the past five years, the need for rehab treatment is also on the rise. By getting treatment at a rehab center, teens will have another chance at drug-free lives. Living a drug- and addiction-free life is the ultimate goal and it can be achieved with proper treatment.