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Rehab for Women

Boise Rehab for Women

More than 45 percent of all drug addicts are women. Boise residents have the option of choosing treatment centers all across the United States that offer services to women in need of help. Studies have indicated that drug rehab programs that are gender-specific can be beneficial for women overcoming an addiction.

What Are the Success Rates for Women from Boise?

Women from Boise will have the same choices as all other drug addicts when looking for a treatment option. There are inpatient and outpatient facilities that are specifically designed for treating women with an addiction. The success rate of treatment will depend on various factors, including personal history of drug use, prior experiences with treatment and the severity of the current addiction. When attending an outpatient treatment program, women have a 55 percent success rate of beating their addiction. Inpatient programs offer success rates that exceed 75 percent, thanks to the more intensive nature of their recovery process.

Top Reasons for Boise Women to Choose Gender-Specific Rehab

When women are battling an addiction, statistics have shown that they will be more successful at overcoming their addiction when seeking treatment at a women’s facility. Unfortunately, more than 30 percent of women who are addicts have lives that prevent them from going into a residential rehab facility. Many women have children at home whom they have to care for. When this is the case, outpatient treatment is an available option. While the success rates are lower for women who get outpatient treatment, it is still effective for 45 percent of female addicts.

Rehab centers provide effective ways to overcome addiction. Without treatment, more than 60 percent of women will continue to abuse drugs and alcohol. Treatment can reduce death rates by 40 percent.

Rehab for Women from Boise that Works

Female addicts from Boise will benefit from choosing a rehab for women. The community and social support that is received in treatment will allow women to successfully complete treatment and go on to live lives free of addiction. Not only will this improve their own lives, but it will allow them to provide a healthier environment for their children. More than 60 percent of women addicts have small children who are also affected by their addiction.

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