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Alcoholism Treatment for Boise Residents

Boise Alcoholism Treatment

Of all the addictive substances that are abused in the United States, alcohol is the most common. There are more than four million people addicted to alcohol, with only 40 percent currently receiving treatment for their addiction. Alcohol treatment centers all across the US have successfully helped 80 percent of alcoholics overcome their dependency to alcohol.

Benefits of Alcoholism Treatment Programs

Receiving treatment from an alcohol treatment center is the most effective way to get rid of the addiction. While recovery is a long and difficult process, more than 85 percent of people who receive treatment can carry on healthy and addiction-free lives.

Three Different Alcoholism Treatment Options for Boise Residents

When seeking help for an alcohol addiction, there are three main treatment options available. Alcohol detox will focus on the physical addiction to alcohol, helping people to stop drinking and regain control of their lives. If the addiction is severe, alcoholics will benefit from a residential rehabilitation program. Here, the addicts will reside in a controlled environment that allows them to focus on their recovery. Addicts will receive detox and therapy to help them overcome their physical and psychological addictions. Following these two programs, aftercare is available for continued support.

There is also the option of an outpatient program. These programs will pick up where detox leaves off. The addict will not reside at the facility. Instead they will report to scheduled therapy sessions. Group and individual therapy will provide support and education to help the addict learn how to live a life without dependence on alcohol. More than 30 percent of alcoholics in the Boise area are involved in an outpatient program.

Alcoholism Treatment Costs

One of the primary concerns when getting treatment for any addiction is the cost for the treatment. At alcohol treatment centers, Boise alcoholics may use their insurance if they have coverage. Insurance may cover most of the costs of treatment for some people.

If the addict does not have insurance, there are treatment centers that have a sliding scale payment option. This will allow people to receive treatment at a cost that is based on their income. There are also many community support groups available that are free of charge.

How to Find Alcoholism Treatment Programs for Boise Alcoholics

If you’d like more information about alcoholism treatment programs, call us at the number above. We can help you find the right alcohol rehab for you or your Boise loved one. Oftentimes, the best option for treatment is outside of your home area, providing you with a safe and nurturing environment, free of toxic temptations.