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Marijuana Rehab for Boise Addicts

Boise Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana addictions are very common, accounting for more than 90 percent of all drug addictions. Marijuana is considered to be a gateway drug, often leading to the use and abuse of harder drugs in the future. People from Boise with an addiction to marijuana will reduce their chances of becoming addicted to another drug by more than 90 percent when they receive treatment at a drug rehab.

Why Marijuana Is Addictive

There is a common myth that has people believing that marijuana is not addictive. The reason this is believed is because there are so few withdrawal symptoms associated with this addiction. However, the main ingredient in marijuana, known as THC, is highly addictive. Addicts can form a physical tolerance to the drug and use more of it over time to achieve the desired high.

Marijuana is also psychologically addictive, just like every other drug. When addicts depend on the effects of the drug to escape negativity in their life or to avoid stressful situations, it will become very difficult to get through those times without using it. More than 90 percent of all drug addictions start with marijuana use.

Who Needs Marijuana Rehab?

When a person forms an addiction to marijuana, they should seek professional treatment. While the long-term effects of this drug are not as severe as with other substances, it is a gateway drug. This means that the longer a Boise addict uses marijuana, the more apt they will be to try harder drugs. Treating a marijuana addiction is one way to prevent other addictions from forming. More than 90 percent of people who have recovered from a marijuana addiction lead a drug-free life. When marijuana use is continued, addicts will run an 80-percent chance of becoming addicted to a harder substance, oftentimes cocaine or heroin.

Success Rates of Marijuana Rehab for Boise Addicts

Marijuana rehab centers have high success rates. Out of the addicts who enter inpatient addiction treatment, more than 95 percent will complete the treatment without relapse. This is an astronomical percentage. By offering treatment for marijuana addictions, Boise addicts will lower their chances of using other drugs and forming addictions that are even harder to overcome.

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