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5 Tips for Safe Prescription Drug Use

5 Tips for Safe Prescription Drug UseBoise residents may think that prescription drugs are safer because they are professionally manufactured and prescribed by a doctor, but they are quite addictive and carry considerable health risks when used improperly. Here are five ways to reduce the risk of addiction and other hazards from prescription drug use:

  • Use the proper dosage – To reduce the risk of adverse side effects as well as dependency, Boise residents are encouraged to take the smallest dose necessary to manage their symptoms. When taken at higher doses than necessary, antidepressants, sedatives and painkillers can all increase the chance of mood swings, rebound insomnia or withdrawal effects. These are considerably difficult to deal with, especially when they occur in conjunction with each other.
  • Store and dispose of medication properly – Boise residents should store their medications in the original containers and in a cool, dry place. Keeping medication in one place may help prevent abuse or accidental use by children, teenagers or the elderly. Also, every few months you should look over your medications and discard any unused or expired ones. While it may be tempting to keep old medications for future use, these may be hazardous or not work as well. Taking expired medication may lead people to misjudge how much of a similar medication they need in the future, which increases the chance of accidental overdose or abuse. Reusing medication may also make people less likely to seek medical treatment for underlying issues, which may worsen symptoms.
  • Talk to medical professionals – make sure your doctor is aware of any prescription drugs or herbal supplements you take. When prescribing a new medication, doctors may adjust dosages or drug types based on other drugs you take, or they may reduce the dosage of other medications.
  • Be aware of the risks of abuse – some Boise residents may be surprised to hear that prescription medications have the potential for addiction. Research the medications that are prescribed to you and discuss your concerns about addiction with your doctor. Pay attention to your moods, symptoms, tolerance and any possible withdrawal symptoms that occur.
  • Treat symptoms with other methods – Boise residents can treat many conditions with naturopathic or herbal treatments. Pain may be treated with massage or acupuncture, and attention problems may be reduced by dietary changes. Discuss any herbal supplements with your pharmacist or doctor before combining them with prescription medication.

There are ways to take prescription drugs safely, so speak with a medical professional to safeguard your health.

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