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Causes of Drug Addiction

Causes of Drug AddictionAddiction causes Boise addicts to lose all self or behavioral control. The physical aspects of addiction are fairly consistent. When a person abuses drugs, his or her body and brain begin to require the substance and to produce physical cravings. The psychological causes of addiction are not so easily defined. There are many psychological causes of drug addiction.

Using Drugs to Cope

When dealing with trauma, death or divorce, people often turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. Some Boise addicts may feel alone, lost or hopeless in their suffering and want to numb the pain. Using drugs may allow them to feel better because they achieve a temporary euphoria. It can seem like their problems are being fixed because, both physically and psychologically, drugs satisfy needs. A person is able to feel pleasure and reward when abusing drugs, and it can eliminate a person’s awareness of his true feelings: loneliness, sadness or heartache. Using drugs to cope with problems is not a solution. Life and its many complications are real: real people are affected and real feelings are felt. Using drugs to cope only postpones the true healing process. The problems still remain for Boise addicts even after the high wears off.

Using Drugs to Heal

Many Boise residents get addicted by self-medicating chronic pain. Wishing to stop the physical, mental or emotional pain, a person may begin to abuse whatever medication does the trick. Instead of getting the treatment or therapy that they need, people will find whatever they can to stop or manage the hurt. Because a chronic condition is long-lasting and persistent, more than the recommended dose of drug is taken frequently. This abuse pattern can easily develop into a full-blown addiction, even when the user’s intentions are innocent.

Using Drugs as an Escape

Other Boise residents use drugs or alcohol to escape from the problems, pressures and stress of everyday life. Anyone dealing with pressures at home, at work, with friends, or with a significant other may feel the need to get away. Drugs can be used as an escape from reality, a temporary vacation from life. Drug and alcohol abuse can be isolated and hidden, or seen through social engagements and partying. When Boise residents use drugs to escape, they often become belligerent, out of control or drunk.

Drug Abuse Patterns and Genetics

Heritability, or the tendency to run in the family, is another cause of drug addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that “genetic factors account for 40-60 percent of a person’s vulnerability to addiction.” The vulnerability relies on a person’s genetic makeup and the natural variation in proteins. Therefore, drug addiction patterns are not only a result of one’s environment, but are also a direct result of genetics.

Drug Addiction Help for Boise Residents

If you live in Boise and are seeking a better life, free from drug addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today to speak to one of our addiction counselors. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to take your call and answer any questions you may have about the addiction treatment process. Whatever reason may be holding you back from getting the treatment you deserve is something that we can discuss, and find a solution for. Please pick up the phone and call us today.