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Do Genetics Impact Addiction Recovery?

Do genetics impact addiction recoveryGenetic factors have often been considered to have an active role in addiction. Behaviors that lead to addiction tend to be present in the family unit as well as in the addict, but whether or not these tendencies are based on environment or something in the family’s shared genes, or both, is still being researched. Recent studies about the genetic impact on addiction and addiction recovery have been promising, and the medical community can now link certain addictive behaviors to genes. The research is ongoing, but new answers in this area continue to help those in the medical community develop more individualized addiction treatment programs for Boise residents.
Multiple Addictions and Genetics

A landmark study published in the April 2009 edition of Nature Reviews Genetics reported that scientists have found that some genes associated with alcohol dependence are also linked to other addictions. The study conducted by addiction experts at the University of Virginia Health System and the University of Michigan linked genes associated with alcohol dependence to addiction to nicotine, opiates, cocaine and other substances. Understanding the genetic link to multiple addictions will allow those involved in addiction treatment to develop treatment programs that specifically address this area.

Genome-Wide Association Studies

According to the National Institute on Drug Research recent genetic studies have provided researchers with the ability to untangle genetic interactions by looking at a person’s entire genome at once. The genome is a person’s complete genetic hereditary history. Being able to look at the entire genetic history helps researchers to identify the relevant variations in DNA sequencing. These variations are typically located in or near a gene that influences susceptibility for certain diseases, including addiction. These studies can help identify genetic factors that may have been previously overlooked and help scientists gather even more information about the link between genes and the risk for addiction.

Genetics and Addiction Recovery Treatment for Boise Residents

All the advances in genetic research and the identification and treatment of disease mean better science behind the treatment of addiction. Those involved in treating addiction often find a great variety of responses to addiction treatment. Each unique response could be caused by genetic differences. Because genetics influence the number and types of receptors in the brain, it also effects how well Boise residents respond to different treatments and medications. According to the National Institute on Drug Research, advances in genetics will help addiction care givers match patients with the most suitable treatment for their unique circumstances.

Help for Boise Residents Suffering from Addiction

Genetics play a big role in the identification and treatment of disease, including the disease of addiction. Genetics are increasingly becoming a determining factor in how a patient responds to addiction treatment and how successful he is in recovering from the dependency. If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, we are here to help. Our helpline counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction and treatment options. Call our toll-free number now.