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Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?

Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?A sober escort may fulfill a number of roles for recovering addicts who travel. She escort may offer door-to-door services, meaning she will travel with a recovering addiction to or from treatment, which basically ensures that the patient arrives at treatment without risking relapse. A sober escort provides emotional support and conversation during transport, and may often be a recovering addict that the individual can relate to. A Boise resident who enters treatment may be more at ease when traveling with a companion, and a sober escort may help keep him accountable to sobriety until he reaches his destination.

Parents of Boise teens or young adults may benefit from this service to ensure that their child reaches treatment without leaving a sober environment. A sober escort team with a registered nurse may help during transportation to addiction treatment, especially for those individuals who are at risk of acute withdrawal symptoms or other troubling health issues.

Why Do I Need a Sober Escort?

Addiction treatment is a big step, and Boise drug addicts may experience anxiety and nervousness when entering treatment. They may be hesitant to enter treatment, and they may even lose their resolve on the way to rehab. While family members may transport a loved one to treatment themselves, they may not be experts in addiction and may not know how to reassure their loved one. This is problematic as getting into treatment is pivotal.

A sober escort is trained to provide counsel and emotional support during travel, be it to treatment or to a location where drugs like alcohol will be available. Sober escorts who are in recovery themselves may provide addicts with information about treatment and the hope for a successful recovery. Boise residents who are entering treatment may struggle with family conflicts due to drug addiction, and they may be more at ease with a sober escort than a loved one during transportation.

How Sober Escorts May Assist with Early Recovery

Sober escorts may accompany Boise residents who are leaving treatment and heading to a halfway house or home. The first few days after treatment may be stressful, as recovering addicts must soberly face everyday life for the first time since treatment. Some sober escorts will stay with patients for a few days to offer companionship as they help patients recognize situations that may tempt relapse. This may help an individual adjust to sobriety in a normal setting.

Help for Boise Residents to Find a Sober Escort

If you live in Boise and are coping with drug addiction, call us now. Our counselors can help you find the best treatment for your needs, as well as a sober escort to assist you with recovery. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to break free from addiction.