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Drug Addiction Helpline

Drug Addiction HelplineWhen you call a drug addiction helpline, there will be an experienced and knowledgeable recovery counselor waiting to answer. This person acts as a crucial first step for many Boise residents who struggle with addiction.

Your call to a drug addiction helpline is completely confidential. There are many different reasons people call a drug addiction helpline, and they may call for themselves or a loved one. Concerned family and friends wonder what an addiction looks like and how to stage an intervention. An intervention is a confrontation with the Boise addict where concerned loved ones discuss the effects of the addiction and the treatment options available.

Signs of Drug Addiction in Boise

Signs of addiction include the following:

  • An unexplained need/desire for the drug
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Doctor shopping (going from one physician to another for more prescription medications)
  • Unexpected changes in social circles
  • Unexplained financial trouble (asking for money)
  • Legal problems (incarceration, fines)
  • Defensiveness
  • Isolation
  • Neglecting hygiene or personal looks
  • Drastic changes in mood or behavior
  • Neglecting responsibilities (family, work, school)

Holding an Addiction Intervention for a Boise Resident

Counselors at drug addiction helplines can help you plan interventions. They will give you tips such as the following:

  • Seek a professional interventionist, someone who specializes in organizing and carrying out interventions.
  • Prepare ahead of time. Decide the time and place the intervention will occur and who will be attending (be sure the addict will be as sober as possible). Close, caring family and friends should show their support by being present.
  • The attitude should be positive, caring and concerned but not pitying. An intervention should be respectful towards the addict.
  • Write out what each person should say. Explain how the addiction has been affecting the addict and those around them in a negative way.
  • Chose a rehab center ahead of time and have the addict’s bags packed. There will be no time to waste once the addict agrees to treatments.

Getting Help for Yourself through a Drug Addiction Helpline

You may be calling a drug addiction helpline for yourself. In this case the conversation with a call center counselor will involve sharing the following basics:

  • Addiction history
  • Financial and insurance information
  • Personal contact information

An addiction history consists of a list of the substances you have abused and the duration of your use. Honest addiction history allows the rehab facility to provide proper treatment. Along with addiction history, a Boise resident’s health information may play an important role. Tell a call center counselor if you suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or another mental health disorder. Metal health disorders need personalized treatment.

Your financial and insurance information can help a call center counselor determine if you need or are eligible for help covering the costs of rehab. If a Boise addict has mental health problems, she could be entitled to more coverage. A call center counselor will also ask for your personal contact information to arrange transportation to a rehab facility.

Addiction Help for Boise Residents

We can give any Boise resident all the information needed to overcome addiction. When you call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline, you will get help. To find out if your insurance will cover part or all of your rehab costs, call us now. Begin recovering today.