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Family Reconciliation after Addiction

Family Reconciliation after AddictionAddictions tear families apart. Addictions leaving marriages strained, siblings estranged and parents and their children distanced. Anger and hurt are general feelings that abound in a family with a member that is addicted. When an addiction begins in a family member, the effects on the family are subtle and progressive. One addicted Boise resident can cause his or her family to struggle with the following:

  • Additional family members developing addictions
  • Indecision
  • Depression
  • Lack of honesty
  • Lack of trust
  • Need for perfection
  • Extreme relationship tension (with the addicted individual or among the sober others)
  • Co-dependent behaviors

When Should Boise Residents Begin Family Reconciliation?

Trying to make amends with family before seeking professional rehab is discouraged. Boise families should not attempt to reconcile until the member with the addiction begins an addiction rehab program and is free from the influence of drugs or alcohol. The optimum time for family reconciliation is during professional rehab and after the individual has completed his or her detox program.

What Should Boise Residents Do First for Family Reconciliation after Addiction?

Trust is the aspect of family relationships that should be rebuilt as soon as possible. The individual with the addiction can take a large step towards rebuilding trust by signing themselves up for a rehab program. By taking the initiative the addicted individual shows that he or she recognizes the problem, desires to end the addiction and cares about the family. The best rehab program to choose is a program that will involve the family.

Will Addiction Rehabilitation Programs Promote Family Reconciliation?

Family reconciliation programs are available that complement the rehab process. Some programs that promote family reconciliation include the following:

  • 12-step programs
  • Weekend family programs
  • Overnight family programs

These programs are designed to help family reconciliation progress without hindrances from outside influences. Signing up for a family reconciliation program is a significant step towards rebuilding trust and family bonds in Boise. In order to have complete family reconciliation the entire family, not just the individual with the addiction, needs to be involved.

What Can Boise Families Do to Help an Addicted Loved One?

When a recovering individual returns home after rehab, the home environment in Boise can negatively affect relapse prevention. This doesn’t have to be the case, as the family can be a positive force in continuing addiction recovery. To promote recovery from addiction the family should do the following:

  • Find and participate in a family reconciliation program
  • Identify unhealthy habits that have developed
  • Maintain a clean home, and do not keep drugs or alcohol in the house
  • Encourage each other
  • Stay active and social
  • Replace unhealthy habits with positive habits
  • Make sure every individual in the family is taking care of themselves

These steps will greatly facilitate family reconciliation.

Where Can Boise Residents Find Help for Family Reconciliation after Addiction?

We can help you take the steps needed to begin addiction rehab, reunite families hurt by addiction and find a healthy and happy life for all. Call our toll-free helpline. We are here 24 hours a day, so don’t let addiction hold you back, begin rebuilding your relationship with your family today.