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How Negative Attention Can Influence Drug Use

How Negative Attention Can Influence Drug UseMany Boise residents abuse drugs because users wish to escape stress. Often times, this escape can be caused by the negative attention they feel from loved ones and friends. Negative attention can mean a variety of acts. It could be a parent or spouse pointing out a user’s flaws. It can be negative feedback at work or school. Sometimes negative attention stems from life: perhaps the user has lost her job and feels worthless. These thoughts could extend to losing a loved one or a divorce.

When negativity persists, the occasional beer or glass of wine can easily become several glasses. The occasional puff of a joint starts to occur more and more. Addiction happens when life gets hard and Boise residents use drugs as a coping mechanism, and here is where things often get out of hand.

Negative Attention after Addiction Begins

However, negativity is not alleviated by the drug. In fact, the more a Boise resident abuses a drug, the lower he sinks. More often than not, people know what they’re doing is wrong and that it violates their moral compass. So they do it to escape, but then deal with the guilt for lowering themselves to that point. Then, they think the only way to escape the guilt is to use drugs again.

When the views of Boise families or friends take effect, this is perceived as additional negative attention, and addicts fall even further into addiction. The drug is the only escape from the disapproval of their loved ones. Drug users will view addiction as their true place in life. But the truth presents an intense feeling of guilt that only makes them more dependent on the drug for relief from overwhelming emotions.

Essentially, be it trying to escape from oneself or others, drug addiction keeps users from getting away from their problems for long. Drug abuse doesn’t relieve negative attention, nor does it bolster self-esteem. In the end, drug addictions push people increasingly down.

Boise Addiction Help

If you or a Boise loved one sees drugs as the only escape from negative attention, or if you feel compelled to use drugs to avoid negative attention, we are here to help. Call our toll-free helpline now, where our counselors are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can recover with the right addiction resources, and we can connect you with treatment professionals who will treat you with the utmost care.