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How Social Status Affects Drug Use

How Social Status Affects Drug UseWhile drug abuse and addiction affect people of every socioeconomic and cultural group, social status does play a significant role in the way Boise residents become ensnared by the disease. Low income, middle class and wealthy individuals all face different temptations and opportunities, but the basics of addiction are the same regardless of one’s position in society.

Drug Use and Poverty in Boise

The scourge of drug abuse and addiction in America’s inner cities is well documented. Millions of people who can’t afford a decent meal or a safe warm place to sleep will still find the drugs or alcohol they believe they need to get through the day. Poverty-fueled drug use is a multifaceted problem, as it can contribute to the following:

  • Child neglect and abandonment
  • Drug-financed violence
  • Lack of law enforcement in pockets of severe poverty
  • Relatively cheap access to street drugs like crack
  • The need to escape a bleak, stressful and hopeless reality
  • Theft
  • Homelessness
  • Multigenerational poverty and addiction cycles
  • Discrepancy in the application of laws related to drug use and possession

Boise residents stuck in cycles of poverty and hopelessness may believe the short-lived relief offered by drug or alcohol abuse is all they have to live for. Financing for addiction recovery can be hard to come by in impoverished areas, and paying for treatment through insurance is rarely an option. Impoverished addicts often see no future for themselves and simply surrender to the disease.

Drug Use among Wealthy Boise Residents

Although wealthy people do not have the same daily struggles or same reasons to desire escape from daily life as those living below the poverty line, they are still at risk for addiction. The following are potential contributors to addiction about wealthy Boise residents:

  • Children of wealthy couples may feel neglected or ignored by busy parents
  • Bored, rich teenagers may seek thrills and danger
  • Disposable income makes access to drugs easier
  • Wealthy citizens are more likely to be let off with a warning than poorer people
  • Socially connected people are more likely to hide their addiction or to be seen as immune to addiction

Peer Pressure, Drug Use and Addiction in Boise

Teenagers of all socioeconomic backgrounds are affected by peer pressure. Substance abuse within peer groups such as frats or street gangs is a motivator for early and continued drug use. The desire to fit in with a group is strong among all social and economic classes.

Addiction Recovery Help for All Boise Residents

Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, and we are here to provide Boise residents with the following:

  • Clear answers to any questions about addiction
  • Insurance coverage verification or financial assistance information
  • Recommendations and connections to the best addiction recovery programs
  • Access to strong aftercare and relapse prevention services
  • Completely confidential advice

Whether you are have a high-paying job or are struggling to make ends meet, we can help. Call today, and let us help you break the cycle of abuse and addiction.