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Should I Cut an Addict out of My Life?

Should I Cut an Addict out of My Life?Whether to drugs or alcohol, addiction changes relationships drastically. Healthy relationships are based on mutual respect, love and trust, but when one of those elements suffers, continuing the relationship can be difficult. This is especially true when you have a relationship with a Boise drug addict. Understanding addiction and how it affects people is an important part of deciding whether or not to cut that person out of your life. In many cases friends and family enable the addict to continue using drugs, which is difficult for everyone involved. You want to help your loved one, but making excuses for her, covering up her bad behaviors makes the situation worse. By evaluating the situation honestly, you can determine when it is time to cut an addict out of your life.

How to Set Relationship Boundaries with Boise Drug Addicts

Before severing a relationship with an addict, set specific boundaries for that relationship. Determine how often you will see this person, under what circumstances and decide ahead of time that you will not give him money. These are ways you can protect yourself even when the addict calls and asks for attention. Remember that the best way to help your Boise loved one is by staying emotionally healthy. If you live with an addict and you have children, setting these boundaries may be more difficult, but it is important for the emotional health and safety of your children that you do. Once your loved one seeks treatment, then you can work on your and your children’s emotional wellbeing with professional therapy.

How Addiction Works

When people become drug addicts, certain behaviors make it impossible to maintain a healthy relationship. One of the first things you may notice is his preoccupation with getting and using the drug. Even spending time with you is no longer as important as keeping a ready supply of substances. Boise residents may also notice a loved one going to extreme lengths to maintain a supply of drugs. This can include lying, illegal activity and even stealing money from you or family members. When an addict exhibits these behaviors, you jeopardize yourself and other family members. It may be time to end the relationship until the addict gets himself in treatment.

Boise Addiction Help

Having a loved one struggle with addiction is difficult. Knowing how to set boundaries and when to end the relationship is a part of helping your loved one. If you live in Boise and need help dealing with a drug addict, we are here for you. Our helpline counselors can answer your questions about addiction and help you find treatment. Call us anytime as we are open 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline.