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Staying Clean from Drugs

Staying clean from drugsWhile it can be a difficult process to get clean from drugs, it is often just as challenging to stay clean long-term. However, with the right help it is possible for any Boise resident to achieve a lasting recovery. Not only will it require perseverance, it will also likely require comprehensive rehab treatment followed by support groups and aftercare. It is imperative that you don’t attempt to get clean alone. The encouragement of others is a key component of long-term sobriety.

What Does Quality Addiction Treatment for Boise Residents Look Like?

One of the most important parts of staying clean is rehab. A good rehab program needs to address both the physical and psychological aspects of the addiction and incorporate elements such as counseling, therapy, and drug education classes. It needs to equip Boise addicts with tools and strategies to overcome triggers and situations that might lead to relapse. Good treatment should also address any other issues that might be contributing to the addiction, such as a co-occurring mental disorder. In order for a full and lasting recovery to occur, both issues will need to be treated simultaneously in what is called a Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

How Can I Avoid a Relapse in Boise?

The most important component of long-term sobriety is support. This means attending support groups regularly and staying closely connected to your friends and loved ones. Boise addicts will need the encouragement and accountability of others, especially on difficult days. It is also important to recognize the threat of a relapse and prepare for the possibility. Before leaving a treatment facility, make sure you have a plan in place to prevent a relapse from happening. This might include making a list of your individual triggers and identifying potential high-risk situations. Develop strategies ahead of time for dealing with them so that in the moment you will be prepared.

Find coping methods and relaxation techniques that work for you. Implement a system to reward yourself for sobriety and celebrate your successes. However, Boise addicts need also realize that relapse does happen and is not necessarily failure. A relapse should instead be looked upon as an opportunity to learn. If it happens, evaluate what warning signs led to the relapse so that you can be better prepared in the future.

How Can I Deal with Cravings in Boise?

One of the first steps in overcoming cravings is to make sure there is no access to drugs. If you have some stashed somewhere in your house or somewhere you frequent, get rid of it because you will give in to the temptation. Take the recovery moment by moment and deal with each craving as it happens. Remember that recovery is a process that will get easier with time and remind yourself what life was like when you were living with the addiction. Keep a journal or diary about your recovery process and reward yourself for your successes. Find new hobbies and past-times. These can not only keep your mind off the cravings but can also improve your quality of life in Boise.

Help Staying Clean from Drugs for Boise Residents

Are you struggling to get clean or stay clean from drugs? Please don’t go through it alone. Our trained counselors are available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to answer our questions and get you the solutions you need. The support of others can make all the difference, so call us now and get support today.