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Test to See If You’re Addicted to Drugs

Test to See If You’re Addicted to DrugsThere may be slight differences between drug use, abuse and addiction, but there are nevertheless differences. Not everyone displays the same pattern of addictive behavior, but there are a few signs that indicate drug addiction. When in doubt, Boise residents should ask themselves the following questions to be certain that their problem is a full-blown addiction.

What Symptoms Qualify as Drug Addiction?

In accordance with the American Psychiatric Association, here is a self-use test that constitutes the existence of a drug addiction. Answering “yes” to the following questions is not an absolute guarantee that a drug addiction exists, but it does mean you should talk to a professional about your substance use:

  • Have you developed a tolerance for your drug of choice? Do you need to use more of the drug than you used to in order to feel its effects?
  • When you stop using or are not under the influence, do you experience withdrawal symptoms? Does your body react to the absence of your drug of choice? (These signs may include shaking, sweating, nausea, depression, anxiety, paranoia, delirium, tremors, insomnia etc.)
  • Must you take other medication to deal with pain that occurs when you are not using? Some Boise residents confuse withdrawals with chronic pain; it can be difficult to tell the difference.
  • Do you often over-indulge or take more of a drug than you had planned on?
  • Do you find yourself feeling guilty or remorseful about the amount of drugs you have taken or your behavior when you were under the influence?
  • Have you repeatedly attempted to quit using, but have failed to do so? Have you tried to cut back your usage, but soon find yourself right back to your previous level?
  • Are you consumed by the drug? Do you spend most of your time thinking about getting the drug, using the drug and then recovering from the drug? Some Boise residents report that becoming obsessed with the drug indicated to them that they had a problem.
  • Are you aware that your drug use has caused destructive social, health or financial consequences in your life, but still continue to use anyway?

How Difficult Is It for Boise Residents to Quit Using Drugs?

The dangers and adverse consequences of drug addiction should not be underestimated. Drug addiction can cause problems in all areas of a Boise resident’s life. Common results of drug addiction include the following:

  • Marital problems and destroyed relationships
  • Mental and physical health problems
  • Accidental injury or death (to you or to others)
  • Loss of job, loss of home and financial failure
  • Trouble with the law: jail time, fines, court costs, custody battles

While quitting drugs is not easy, its benefits are beyond measure. Putting an end to addiction is absolutely feasible with quality treatment help, a network of support and a willingness to change. By receiving treatment, Boise addicts will gain the knowledge and resources required to avoid future temptation for relapse.

Rehab Help for Boise Addicts

If you live in Boise and believe you or a loved one is suffering with an addiction to drugs, call our toll-free helpline to learn where you can go from here. Deciding to get addiction help can be an overwhelming and frightening time, but you do not have to go through it alone. Call with your questions or concerns anytime; we’re open 24 hours a day and we will be ready to help.