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The Connection between Impulse Control and Drug Abuse

The Connection between Impulse Control and Drug AbuseMany people assume that addiction is a mere lack of self-control, but it is much more complicated than that both physically and psychologically. However, some Boise residents have impulse control disorders (ICD) that greatly encourage substance abuse and addiction.

What Is Impulse Control?

Impulse control is the ability to resist impulses, so Boise residents with this ability can restrain themselves from actions due to their consequences. A lack of impulse control means lacking willpower and acting without regard for harm. People with an ICD will experience tension and frustration until they perform the impulsive action, and then they will feel immediate gratification; in some cases, they may even feel guilt. Examples of impulse control disorders include pyromania and gambling.

How Impulse Control Affects Drug Abuse

Boise residents who abuse drugs disregard the consequences to a certain extent, but those with impulse control disorders may not consider the consequences at all. However, contrary to what many people believe, impulse control does not affect every drug addict. Instead, many people with impulse control issues experiment with drug abuse and other destructive behaviors because they cannot weigh the consequences against feeling immediate gratification. Drug use only heightens impulsivity by lowering users’ inhibitions even further.

Drug addiction and impulse control disorders share the following similarities:

  • The need to increase the frequency and intensity of behaviors to achieve the same gratifying effects
  • Disregarding consequences, whether they are social, financial, physical or psychological
  • Failure to give up harmful behaviors
  • Making frequent compromises to engage in the harmful behavior, such as abandoning hobbies or failing to complete assignments
  • Anxiety and irritability if indulgence in behavior is denied

People with these difficult problems may struggle in many ways, so they should seek professional help to get well.

Recovery for Addiction and Impulse Control Disorders

If a Boise resident is a drug addict and has an impulse control disorder, she has co-occurring disorders. Medically assisted detox will be the first step in recovery from substance abuse, but after that she will need counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to identify the psychological issues behind her decisions. She can then train herself to control her impulses by reinforcing healthy pathways in the brain. Recovering addicts who struggle with impulse control disorders can evaluate the rewards and consequences of their actions to live healthily.

Help for Boise Drug Addicts with Impulse Control Problems

Has this co-occurring disorder taken over your life? If you live in Boise and are ready to overcome your substance abuse and impulse control disorder, call our toll-free helpline today. Our phone counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you take a step toward lifelong recovery. Please call today for instant help.