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What Is the Most Dangerous Drug?

What Is the Most Dangerous Drug?There are many criteria that must be considered when determining which drug is the most dangerous. Opinions vary greatly, and reliable information backed by both scientists and addiction professionals can be hard to come by. The perspective of the one asking the question must also be considered. However there is one answer that drug treatment experts, law enforcement personnel and medical professionals all agree on. The most dangerous drug is the one you think is safe. Boise addicts may think they can handle drugs, but devastating consequences can occur with a single use.

Risks of Different Drugs for Boise Residents

Anecdotal information about the power and effects of drugs is abundant. Boise addicts are quick to point fingers at drugs that are supposedly more addictive or deadly than the ones they choose to take. These opinions are often more about justifying risky and irresponsible behavior than they are about getting to the truth. A quick survey of the following major drugs shows serious risks associated with all of them. These risks include the following:

  • Heroin and other opiates can quickly create an addiction due to the intense euphoria they provide. Heroin addicts often say that no matter how hard you try once you have felt a heroin high, your brain will not forget it.
  • Cocaine can create one of the most intense psychological addictions of any drug. Easy access to the drug makes avoidance a challenge for any Boise user. As tolerance builds, the likelihood of overdose increases. Cocaine can be fatal on its own or when combined with other drugs.
  • Methamphetamine is reported to be one of the most difficult drugs to detox from and to stay clean from over a long period of time. The intense stimulating effect creates a powerful physical and emotional addiction, and it can do this on the first use.
  • Benzodiazepines (prescription antidepressants) are sometimes considered safe, because they are prescribed by doctors. Tolerance builds quickly and overdose is common. Some Boise users will combine benzodiazepines with other drugs or alcohol to intensify the effects. This use is extremely dangerous and can lead to permanent brain damage, coma or death.
  • Many people consider marijuana a safe drug, because it is a natural herb. Medicinal use of the drug combined with perceived benefits of use makes it the drug of choice for many. However the truth is that marijuana can be psychologically addictive and can damage a Boise user’s relationships, ambitions and ability to think clearly.
  • Alcohol may be one of the most dangerous drugs of all. It is legal, readily available, generally inexpensive and culturally celebrated. Marketing exposes audiences to the perceived benefits of drinking and tempts nearly everyone to drink.

Boise Residents Can End the Dangers of Drug Use

Don’t excuse your drug use, because other substances seem more dangerous. Boise addicts can call our toll-free 24 hour helpline any time. Our addiction experts will answer all of your questions about addiction and the most effective ways to get and to stay clean. Don’t be another addiction statistic. Call today.