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Why People Choose Drugs over Family

Why People Choose Drugs over FamilyAddiction is an illness that affects people mentally. Many addicts ignore that their addictions damage their lives and the lives of others. Boise residents must understand that, once an individual becomes addicted, he experiences tremendous cravings in the brain. You cannot make an addict want to get sober, maintain sobriety or recognize the effects of addiction. The only thing that you can do is educate yourself and continue to do what is right for you and your family.

Why Do Addicts Avoid Their Families in Boise?

Many Boise addicts focus only on the addiction and the drug of choice. This can cause many differences that can ultimately break relationships. Some of the changes that an addict may go through include the following:

  • Many addicts continually lie. They lie about their addiction, how often or how much they use, how they obtain their drugs and how long it has been since they have last used.
  • Some Boise drug addicts will steal from their family and friends. Addicts steal money, credit cards and other miscellaneous valuables to help pay or bargain with for drugs.
  • Addicts can be very persuasive when they are in dire need of drugs, so they may resort to manipulation. They can make you feel sorry for them or can make you feel guilty that you are not helping them.
  • Addicts will promise to get clean or stop using, only to get what they want first. This can lead to trust issues with family members and friends.

It is important to understand that an addiction is a disease. However, Boise drug addicts may not see their addiction as trouble. Until an addict sees addiction as a problem, he will continue to use until the law gets involved or until major health issues arise.

How Can Treatment Repair Relationships in Boise?

While an addict is in treatment, she will gain knowledge and receive the correct tools to help her cope with current issues while maintain sobriety. Some of the tools and knowledge that Boise addicts may learn may include the following:

  • Repairing relationships
  • Making commitments
  • Gaining confidence
  • Learning to cope and handle life’s difficult situations without using drugs to help cope

Addicts that are serious about sobriety will learn skills that will help repair broken or strained relationships. The relationships that are broken because of drug addiction are often the most important relationships for addicts, meaning the people closest to the addicts are normally the ones who experience the most turmoil and disappointment.

Boise Addiction Help

If you or a Boise loved one is addicted, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help answer all your questions. Sobriety is only a call away, so give us a call right now.