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Can I Quit Drugs On My Own?

While people may start taking drugs for a variety of reasons, drug abuse begins a downward spiral that destroys a person’s health. Boise addicts will have difficulty maintaining meaningful relationships, holding down a job and enjoying hobbies. At this point, some addicts realize that they no longer want to give up their lives to drugs, and they consider quitting; many in this situation even consider quitting on their own.

While there is a misconception those with a strong willpower can quit drugs on their own, there are additional reasons to avoid quitting on your own:

  • Combating cravings – because drugs change the way the brain functions, addicts are unable to combat cravings. When they fail to combat cravings, they continue to use drugs.
  • Protecting the body – depending on the drug you have been abusing, withdrawal can be traumatic and sometimes dangerous.
  • Not knowing what to expect – withdrawal symptoms can begin a few hours after a person stops using, and these symptoms intensify over the next several days (sometimes weeks). Without knowing what to expect, Boise residents may not be prepared to manage some of these significant withdrawal symptoms, which include the following:
    • Anxiety
    • Restlessness
    • Irritability
    • Insomnia
    • Headaches
    • Poor concentration
    • Depression
    • Social isolation
    • Sweating
    • Racing heart
    • Palpitations
    • Muscle tension
    • Tightness in the chest
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Tremor
    • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

Can I Quit Drugs on My Own in Boise?

The cycle of addiction typically starts with a person using a drug, then choosing to continue to use the drug despite consequences. What often happens is a person experiences a triggering event that encourages drug use to relieve negative emotional or physical feelings. When people acknowledge this cycle, they sometimes may make an initial attempt to stop using. However, being unprepared to handle the withdrawal symptoms, they fail. In addition to relapse, addicts now feel extremely vulnerable. If Boise addicts do not break this cycle of addiction, they need to reach out for help.

How Boise Residents Can Quit Drugs

One of the best reasons to seek out a qualified rehab center is to get a staff of trained professionals to assist you through the detox process. Especially if you have attempted to quit drugs on your own, you know how difficult, painful, and scary detox can be. Having competent help increases your chances for success.
After detox, the staff at a qualified rehab center can guide Boise addicts through some of the other obstacles. They can talk with you about each stage of therapy and to help you anticipate the dynamics of cravings. Most importantly, they can give you new skills and tools to combat cravings and lead a more constructive life.

Boise Detoxification Help

If you are abusing drugs and live in the Boise area, you are moments away from becoming an addict. You then relinquish the control of your life to a highly addictive drug that can take over in a very short period of time. If you suspect that you are struggling with drugs or know someone who is, don’t wait to act. Please call our toll-free helpline today; we are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about drug addiction treatment. We are here to help.