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Changes in How Addiction Is Viewed

Changes in How Addiction Is ViewedIn the past, many people treated addiction and addicts as abominations: nobody talked about them, and people avoided or isolated drug addicts. Addicts were once shunned, disowned from family and put off as a lost cause. Over time, things have improved, but the stigma of addiction has not disappeared completely. Boise drug addicts have it better than ever to recover, but there is still considerable work to do to improve current views.

Stigmas of Addiction and Treatment

While some stigmas surrounding addiction have changed, others remain firmly in place. If asked to picture an addict, Boise residents may think of a stoned hippie or a homeless man rather than a doctor, lawyer or teacher. Others will tell you their opinions, but these are often steeped in myth and not in fact. Some prevailing stigmas surrounding addiction include the following problems:

  • Addiction is a moral failure—Many people falsely believe that addiction is the addict’s fault, the result of a person’s poor choices rather than an illness rooted in biology and exacerbated by environment.
  • Fatalistic views of recovery—Some Boise residents may think that anyone who enters rehab is failed to relapse. They believe that their loved ones will never recover successfully because they are too weak or too far gone.
  • Addicts are scapegoats—Many people claim that drug addicts do not want to recover and are content to siphon money from the local, state and government agencies.

These stigmas do not make recovery impossible, but they do make recovery more difficult, as Boise drug addicts must overcome these additional hurdles to reenter society.

The Effects of Addiction Stigmas

Unfortunately, the effects of addiction stigmas reach quite far. They impact an addict’s self-esteem, future employment opportunities and ability to receive medical assistance. Some effects of addiction stigmas include the following problems:

  • Boise employers may refuse to employ or promote recovering addicts
  • Insurance companies may refuse to cover rehab
  • Insurance companies can charge higher deductibles and co-pays for addiction-related services
  • Some people cannot get food stamps and baby supplies if the mothers was previously convicted of drug addiction
  • Unfavorable rulings in child custody cases can come from drug use

While these actions seem reasonable for those with a current addiction, they are just another form of discrimination for those who have gone through treatment and continue with recovery, but cannot overcome their past mistakes. Boise residents in this mire must take considerable care to overcome their problems and seek professional help.

The Changing View of Addiction

The changing view of addiction depends largely on society’s willingness to educate and inform people about the facts. With support groups, advocacy centers, physicians and other addiction professionals, addicts can find new avenues for assistance. As Boise residents speak out about the stigmas and stereotypes of drug addiction, the more likely recovery becomes for many.

Recovery Help for Boise Drug Addicts

If you have avoided addiction recovery because of the stigmas of addiction, don’t let these keep you from finding help any longer. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline anytime. You can speak to one of our recovery specialists about treatment options. The stigma isn’t worth throwing your life away, so call us now.