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Drug Addiction Counselor

Drug Addiction CounselorRecovery from drug addiction is multifaceted and needs to address physical, emotional and social needs. Counseling provides the foundation Boise residents need to understand and address their addiction-related problems. There are different types of counseling techniques, and no one approach is right for everyone.

Drug Addiction Counseling Issues

Drug addiction counselors help Boise residents understand the following:

  • Core beliefs. People have underlying and sometimes subconscious beliefs that affect their use of drugs. Beliefs are related to a negative view of self, the world or the future. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a primary counseling tool that helps people identify and address these beliefs. Changing beliefs can lead to a change in behavior.
  • Co-occurring conditions. Many Boise residents struggling with drug addiction have a co-occurring mental health issue like depression or anxiety. Counselors can help people identify these issues and address them simultaneously.
  • Relapse triggers. Some people primarily associate drug use with partying and having a good time, while others associate it with soothing anxiety or mitigating negative emotions. The particular associations that people have are likely to become relapse triggers. Counselors can help people identify the cues which trigger drug cravings and avoid temptations when they arise.
  • Motivation for change. It is common for people in treatment to have a degree of ambivalence about giving up drug use. There are techniques such as motivational interviewing which counselors may use to help people understand the impact of their addiction more fully.

Drug Addiction Counselors for Boise Residents

A great way to find a qualified addiction counselor is to enter a drug rehab program. We can help you find a program with well-trained and experienced counselors who understand your needs and how to meet them. Call our toll-free helpline, and let us answer your questions. Call today and let us help you find the road to recovery.