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How to Give Your Child a Future after Addiction

How to Give Your Child a Future after AddictionThe prevalence of addiction among college-aged or young adult children is an unfortunate reality in Boise. There are many influential factors that contribute to addiction in this age group. Children’s brains are still developing, and they lack the ability to control impulses and provide good judgment when making decisions. Peer pressure, college drinking, wanting to be accepted, newfound independence, the stress of managing school, responsibilities and social priorities, fraternities and sororities and an environment in which drugs are easily accessible are all common factors that contribute to the development of addiction in college-aged students in Boise.

How Addiction Can Destroy Your Child’s Future in Boise

What should be one of the most exciting periods of growth in a child’s life can be completely destroyed by addiction in Boise. Substance abuse and addiction will decrease productivity and attendance in school. Poor grades can prevent one from being accepted into classes or programs, cause one lose scholarships and financial aid, require one to repeat classes, lead one toward academic probation and more. If the addiction is severe, a child may drop out of school, quit his or her job, or get fired in Boise. Substance abuse and addiction can also affect a child’s physical and mental health causing long-term or even permanent damage. Overdose, alcohol poisoning, death, unplanned pregnancy, vehicle accidents, DUI’s and other legal problems in Boise are all other potential consequences of addiction that can alter the course of your child’s future.

How You Can Help Your Child Get Sober

Children often deny their struggle or think it is normal for a person of their age. In addition, many children are afraid of coming clean and asking for help, not wanting to disappoint their parents or feel embarrassed of what their peers will think in Boise.

Parents must keep a close eye on their children and educate themselves on the signs and symptoms of substance abuse or addiction. When children lack the resources, support, or the will to seek help, it becomes a parent’s responsibility to intervene and get the child help. Parents must learn to be open-minded, supportive and empathetic but also honest and direct when it comes to addressing the need to receive addiction treatment. Criticizing, threatening, or judging children can push them away and even perpetuate their drug use in Boise.

Helping Your Child Find Recovery After Addiction

With quality, individualized treatment, a child can regain the opportunity to fulfill his or her goals and future dreams. Parents can provide support in Boise and let their children know they are dedicated to helping them maintain a healthy future in recovery. Parents wanting to help their children should be educated on addiction and recovery as well as get involved in the treatment and recovery process. A unified family is one of the most beneficial tools for helping a child overcome addiction and for living a healthy, sober life.

Find Addiction Treatment and Recovery Services for Your Child

If your child is struggling with addiction and you are ready to find treatment and recovery services, call our toll-free helpline. Our highly-trained addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you find the addiction services that will meet your family’s recovery needs. Counselors are ready to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need on addiction treatment and recovery. It is our goal to find individualized treatment services that meet your unique recovery needs. If you’re ready to get your child’s future back on-track, we can help.