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How to Help a Family Member with Addiction

How to Help a Family Member with AddictionTo help a Boise addict overcome drug addiction, you may want to consider holding an intervention. The goal of an intervention is to help the addict stop denying an addiction, and persuade her to seek professional help. With this goal in mind, different intervention strategies may be needed. For some people, having a honest and candid conversation might be all that is needed to compel her to treatment. At the other end of the spectrum, your loved one may need a full-blown, planned event initiated and implemented by a trained interventionist.

Self-Directed Interventions for Boise Residents

If you have the time to research, plan, and implement an intervention, you may choose to conduct the intervention without outside assistance. However, keep in mind that a licensed intervention professional can assist you at each phase of the process. These professionals suggest the following strategies should Boise residents decide to conduct the intervention alone:

  • Plan the intervention so that all people are confident about the purpose, activities and potential resistance of the intervention
  • Plan to have present four to six adults who are close to the addict and can maintain their focus throughout the process
  • Prearrange how to get your Boise loved one into treatment by packing luggage, completing intake forms and arranging insurance coverage or payment plans
  • Keep the discussion focused and productive; always keep the goal of getting your loved one to agree to treatment at the forefront of the discussions

What Is a Guided Intervention?

A professional interventionist helps Boise residents throughout the entire intervention process: before, during, and after. The trained and experienced professional is willing to give you the amount of service that you require and will offer the following support:

  • Set appropriate expectations
  • Bring information about your loved one’s drug and what you might expect as key resistance points
  • Consolidate information from sources about the addict’s behaviors, personality, and desire to seek treatment
  • Provide all necessary information about the selected treatment program and make contact with them to facilitate the admission
  • Plan the logistics and components of the intervention
  • During the intervention, keep things organized and moving forward
  • Maintain a calm and constructive environment
  • Keep the focus on the addict and help him decide to get help
  • Take the addict to the treatment facility to help him get settled in
  • Check in with the addict, the treatment facility personnel, and the family members to monitor the addict’s progress through the rehab process

Help an Addicted Family Member in Boise

Interventions help many Boise addicts. However, planning and conducting an intervention is not always easy, and we can help. Please call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about interventions. We are here to help.