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Rehab Admissions Process

Rehab Admissions ProcessTaking the first step toward getting help can be difficult. Knowing what to expect from an addiction recovery program can make the process less frightening for Boise residents. The steps toward admittance to a drug or alcohol rehab program may vary between facilities, but most begin with a phone call

Beginning the Rehabilitation Admissions Process with a Phone Call

For most Boise residents the process of being admitted to a rehab facility will begin with a phone call to a helpline or call center. Good call centers are staffed around the clock, so there is never a wrong time to initiate the recovery process. Helpline counselors are well informed and are able to answer callers’ questions about rehab. Helpline counselors and rehab staff members are often people who have successfully recovered from addiction.

To match callers with programs that are a good fit for them counselors will need some basic information such as the primary substance of abuse and how often and in what dosage it is generally consumed. Some rehab programs target certain demographics such as women or adolescents, so information related to such programs may be needed. It is important to know where in Boise callers live, because traveling to a rehab program is often necessary. If patients have health insurance which may cover part of treatment costs, they can share their insurance information.

On-Site Addiction Rehabilitation Assessments for Boise Residents

When Boise residents arrive at a rehab facility, they will undergo a number of assessments to best determine their needs and plan their treatment programs. Assessment generally includes medical examinations and interviews. It is important to determine if any co-occurring mental or physical health conditions exist, because integrated treatment in which all conditions are treated simultaneously offers the best treatment results for these individuals. The more thoroughly needs are identified the easier it will be to address them.

Begin the Admissions Process Today

We know that the idea of entering rehab is intimidating for people living in and near Boise, but taking the first step and calling a helpline can be the turning point in reclaiming a life stolen by addiction. Our helpline is toll free and staffed 24 hours a day. We can answer your questions, talk about your options and check your insurance coverage. If you are ready to take a step toward recovery, we are ready to help. Please call now.