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The Benefits of a Drug-Free Life in Boise

The Benefits of a Drug-Free Life in BoiseThe addicted mind cannot be trusted. It will fabricate lies and twist words to keep the supply of drugs or alcohol flowing. Neural pathways in the brain are literally changed, making it nearly impossible for the addict to stay clean or in some cases even want to get clean. Paranoia, fear of withdrawal, the seeming camaraderie of drug friends and even the routine of getting a fix all cast a powerful spell over the addict. Many can’t imagine being clean, or why they would want to be. This is when cold hard truth needs to break through. There are so many benefits to a drug-free life and help is available to the people of Boise.

Drugs Rob You of Your Life

Many drugs, including alcohol, have the ability to block pain signals in the central nervous system as well as any negative emotions, fears, anxieties or emotional pain. That high washes away any and all concerns and leaves the person with an intense sense of pleasure followed by an extended period of general well-being. This sensation is a lie. Any source of anxiety (financial concerns, relationship problems, depression or boredom) will return as soon as the drug wears off. The opportunity to feel that sense of irrational pleasure and the ability to block out any stresses of life becomes very compelling. In short order the addict will choose drugs over relationships, work, activities they once enjoyed, even food. All the parts of life that really make it enjoyable take a back seat to finding and taking drugs. New relationships with dangerous people are established and they become perceived as friends. As the routine wears on, life loses its meaning and is often accompanied by a deep and frightening depression. Suicide is not uncommon in long-term addicts.

Sobriety Brings Many Kinds Of Healing

Though difficult to go through, recovery from drug addiction brings deep healing into the life and mind of Boise residents. The ability to heal physically is obvious, but deeper spiritual and emotional healing is not far behind. Relationships can be restored. Activities and hobbies you once loved come back to you. Eventually a bright future emerges from the darkness of addiction. An addict might even doubt that this is possible. Just trust us; recovery is out there waiting for you.

Drugs Eventually Stop Working

The irony of addiction is that eventually all of the seemingly positive aspects of the high fade away. The body develops a tolerance to drugs very quickly. This means that it takes higher and higher doses to approximate the intense high experience the first time the addict took drugs. Chasing that high is a futile effort that leads many to overdose and death. Others end up trapped in a dead-end road where they risk their lives, destroy their relationships, ruin their finances and even lose their freedom, all in the service of a drug that can’t get them high anymore.

Drug Addiction Help for Boise Residents

If you live in Boise and are ready to experience the benefits of a drug-free life, we can help. Our toll-free helpline is operated 24 hours a day. Our counselors are standing by with answers to your questions. They can even confirm insurance coverage for your treatment. We can also help find you the best program for your unique situation. You have nothing to lose by making the call, and everything to gain. Don’t put it off any longer. Make the call today and let us help you find that drug-free life in Boise. You can do it.