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The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical Advice

The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical Advice Leaving addiction rehab against the advice of medical professionals and other members of your rehab team can be dangerous. Rehab programs are designed to help Boise residents overcome addiction and to learn to live life free from the influences of drugs and alcohol. Not completing the entire rehab program and continuing in ongoing support may put the entire recovery process at risk. Your rehab team designs a program to meet your specific recovery needs. Leaving rehab may create gaps in the recovery process and increase your risk of relapse.

Individual Rehab Programs for Boise Residents

Rehab programs are specially designed for each individual who enters a rehab facility. Each Boise resident struggling with addiction goes through a process of evaluation, detox and diagnosis before the rehab process begins. Once a diagnosis is determined and any underlying mental illness discovered, a treatment plan can be put in place. Evaluation and diagnosis can take several days, as the medication that might be needed to control the symptoms of mental illness is adjusted. People who enter rehab need to understand that the beginning of the process sets the stage for the rest of recovery. Leaving rehab early against the wishes of your medical team will only delay recovery. By finishing the individual program prescribed for you, you increase your chances of success and decrease your risk of relapse.

Effects of Leaving Rehab Early on Boise Residents

Leaving rehab early against the advice of your medical team can create many problems. Boise residents who enter rehab often have a chance to maintain their jobs once they finish a treatment program. Many employers make continued employment contingent on completing the rehab process. Checking out of rehab early can also put family relationships at risk. Family members often make staying in a rehab program a condition of continued contact. This may also be true for parents who are at risk of losing child custody. Alternative sentencing programs for drug and alcohol offenders often require staying in rehab as a condition for maintaining parental rights or getting custody after completing a program. Staying in rehab for the duration of your program is the best way to protect your family, career and your chances of recovery success.

Determining the Length of Rehab for Boise Residents

Most rehab programs last 30, 60 or 90 days depending on your insurance, the severity of your condition and your history of drug addiction. Some programs for Boise residents can last up to one year in severe cases. Insurance companies base the amount of time available for rehab on an annual basis and some programs may include a lifetime maximum amount for rehab coverage. How much time you will need in rehab will be determined by a team of doctors, psychotherapists and counselors as they meet with you to learn more about your addiction and make a diagnosis.

Help for Boise Residents with Drug Addiction

Finding and completing the rehab program prescribed for you by your treatment team is the best way to increase your chances of staying drug free. Each part of the rehab process is important, and checking out early will not solve your problems. If you or a loved one in Boise is struggling with drug addiction, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you find the right treatment program for your unique situation.