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What Is Social Model Detox?

What Is Social Model Detox?The first step of the recovery process for substance abuse or physical dependency is to detoxify the body by ridding it of the toxins or harmful chemicals from the drugs or alcohol abused. This process, known as detoxification, or detox, can be extremely painful for recovering addicts.

When people abuse drugs or alcohol long enough, the body becomes dependent on these substances and adapts to their presence. When a chemically dependent person stops using, the body experiences withdrawal symptoms.  During detox, the body flushes out all drug toxins and chemicals, causing it to crave these substances during withdrawal. A dependent individual may experience a number of withdrawal symptoms, like insomnia, seizures, drug cravings, anxiety and more. It is these symptoms that can make drug detoxification so painful. If you or a loved one in Boise needs help with addiction, there are many professional treatment centers available to you. Professional detox services are prepared to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal, pain and discomfort during the detox process.

Most people who attempt to detox on their own or detox “cold-turkey” find withdrawal too difficult to overcome and resort back to using. Professional detox services help a person complete detox, ending the physical dependence or addiction, and preparing an individual to treat the psychological addiction if needed. Detox treatment does not follow a one-size fits all model. Individuals can find a detox model that best suits their own unique needs. One detox model being used today is called the social model.

How Can Social Model Detox Help Boise Addicts?

Social model detox can be completed in a residential or hospital setting. The process usually takes between 5-10 days to complete. During the social model detox process, an individual is monitored around-the-clock by recovery and medical professionals. The first 24 hours are designed to get the individual through the most grueling part of withdrawal. Staff will closely monitor patients, making sure their vitals are stable and so forth. Recovery professionals also provide constant supervision to make certain the patient remains sober during this difficult time. During the first 24 hours, medications may be utilized to ease withdrawal symptoms and pain as well as to minimize the chance of seizures. After the first 24 hours, patients will no longer receive medical-detox assistance. Further detox efforts will consist of rest, food, counseling, drug or alcohol education and therapy.

Social model detox is useful for Boise addicts in paving the way for long-term recovery success by incorporating long-term solutions for addictive behavior during detox. Recovery professionals also have the opportunity to determine whether the individual needs further addiction, outpatient counseling or other aftercare. The social model of detox is of most use to individuals without chronic or long-term substance abuse problems.

Addiction Detox and Treatment Facilities for Boise Residents

If you are searching for detox, treatment or recovery services, we can help you find the facility that is right for you. Our toll-free helpline is operated 24 hours a day by recovery professionals who can help you find services and facilities that will work for you and your unique needs. Whether you have questions, concerns or need information, we are happy to help. And if you are ready, we can also find and connect you with the detox, treatment or recovery facilities of your choice. To learn more about how we can help, call and speak with a recovery professional today; we’re here to help, however we can.