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What to Do If Your Family Does Not Support Your Recovery

What to Do If Your Family Does Not Support Your RecoveryHaving support is a critical part of the addiction recovery process. Whether the support is emotional, physical or financial, every bit helps during the transitional time between life with addiction and life in recovery.

Recovery professionals usually list family as the primary source for support and encouragement for addiction recovery, but not every Boise addict has a family situation that makes this possible. Some addicts have families that do not wish to support their recovery. The family may refuse to acknowledge the addiction problem, feel that the addict should handle the situation on his own, or relationships with family members may have been estranged due to the addict’s addiction-related behaviors. Relationships with family members may also have been strained due to other issues before the addiction, and some families are simply unfamiliar with offering each other support. Not all families function in a supportive way, where emotional, physical and monetary help is provided.

There are several ways an addict in Boise can address an unsupportive family during recovery. First, family is not the only source for support. Friends, coworkers, church-friends, neighbors and other individuals can be just as helpful and supportive as one’s family can. It is not important who supports and encourages an individual through recovery, it is just important that someone does. Good friends can listen and offer emotional support, encouragement, and accountability. If more support is needed, coworkers and other friends or acquaintances will more than likely be able to help with things like picking up kids from school, preparing meals, housework, taking on a few extra tasks at work, etc.

Other Support Resources for Boise Residents During Addiction Recovery

For Boise individuals who feel completely alone, and cannot think of any family or friends who would be willing or fit to provide support during recovery, there are several resources out there that offer aftercare help, support groups and other assistance to aid individuals during recovery. Recovery professionals, church affiliates and other public and private organizations are all great sources for connecting individuals to resources for support, whether emotional, financial or other kinds of needed help.

Support and Recovery Programs for Boise Families of Addicts

For Boise families affected by addiction, there are several opportunities to address issues and relationship problems during the treatment and recovery process. Family turmoil can be caused by addiction, but addiction can also be brought on by unresolved family problems. In either case, addiction recovery can address these issues and help families reconcile through addiction education which helps families get a better understanding of their loved one’s behavior and addiction as a disease. Some family members do not know enough about addiction to know what is really going on, if they should help and how they can help. Addiction education can provide instruction for family members and it can also help families find the support and recovery help they may need after experiencing the effects of their loved one’s addiction. A loved one’s addiction can cause a great deal of pain, stress and confusion for other members of the family. There are several support groups and counseling options available to help family members cope with and recover from a loved one’s addiction. In addition, family and partner therapy is a common component during addiction treatment and recovery.

 Find Resources for Support during Your Addiction Recovery

To speak with a recovery professional about finding the right resources and support groups during your addiction recovery, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. We are happy to help answer any questions and provide you with as much information as you need.