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Why Is Detox at a Rehab Center Important?

Why Is Detox at a Rehab Center Important?Detox is a necessary part of any successful drug rehab process. Detox is when an individual’s body is cleansed from any drug, being often accompanied by withdrawal symptoms. The actual process of detox will vary greatly depending on an individual’s body type, composition, and the severity of the addiction. Depending on the substance, detox can be accomplished in as little as a few days or can take up to a month. A common misconception is that detox can be carried out with some measure of success at home in Boise. While it is not impossible for someone addicted to a powerful controlled substance to recover alone at home, it is highly unlikely and often dangerous.

Potential Risks for Home Detoxification

Whether you’re a resident of Boise or not, you’ll find that detox from any controlled substance is almost always accompanied by some form of withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are the unwanted and sometimes painful side effects that occur in the body after an individual discontinues regular doses of a controlled substance.

Withdrawal symptoms will vary greatly depending on the type of substance you are dealing with, but can range anywhere from stomach cramps to hallucinations. It will most likely be easy to convince yourself that you are strong enough to undergo detox at home in Boise by using the cold turkey method or something similar. Not only is it unlikely that you will recover, but sometimes the painful withdrawal symptoms associated with detox can push you even further into addiction. A benefit to getting professional help with detox is the around the clock care and supervision that you will receive from qualified medical professionals. This will not only ensure your safety but will maintain your comfort and provide you with the greatest opportunity for a successful long term recovery.

An addiction is not broken after detox. Detox may remove the drug from your system, but you must also confront the issues that led to your addiction in order to be completely free. By seeking out some type of therapy—be it counseling, group therapy, or drug education classes—you can address the underlying issues that compelled your drug use in the first place, eventually learning what situations to avoid after rehab that can lead to a relapse. By preparing to avoid relapse, you help safeguard that you only have to endure detox once.

Additional Resources for Boise Addicts

If you live in the Boise area and have additional questions regarding detox or any other phase of drug rehab, we can help. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you take a step toward a life free from substance abuse. The call is toll free, and we can work with your insurer to find treatment coverage. Please call us today.